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Yealink VC800 videoconferencing system

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VC800 video conferencing system - designed for better collaboration

Satisfy multipoint conference needs thanks to the powerful MCU

The Yealink VC800 room system is designed to solve small and medium companies multi-party conference needs. Equipped with the powerful built-in MCU, Yealink VC800 supports 24-site HD video conferencing capacity and it can be divided into 2 virtual meeting rooms which perfectly meets modern workplace long-distance communication needs.

Touchable VCS phone brings you into an immersive collaboration

Working together with the Yealink conference phone CP960, Yealink VC800 provides you with a better conference solution. With two DECT-based wireless expansion microphones and quality 20ft/360° voice pickup distance, anyone in the workspace could have an immersive HD audio experience.

Less bandwith, better network adaptability

Via supporting H.265/HEVC, Yealink VC800 further saves 50% of Bandwidth. Thanks to our new super packet loss revoery technology, Yealink VC800 can resist up to 30% video and audio packet loss which ensures smooth video communication.

All-in-one design creates easier meeting experience and simpler deployment

The Yealink VC800 is designed in a compact way which combines codec and camera into one device. Only one RJ45 network cable is needed to connect the system to the conference table. Brand-new intuitive user interface and touchable phone make for easy control of your conference.

Compatibility and integration

The Yealink VC800 supports the standard H.323/SIP dual protocol. Deeply integrated with Yealink meeting server (YMS), the Yealink VC800 supports meeting scheduling and one-touch meeting access. By working with Yealink cloud management services, the Yealink VC800 is easy to deploy. Besides that, it supports the 3rd-party room system and integrates well with the leading cloud platforms.

The most powerful multi-camera solution ever

The VC800 multi-camera solution enables up to 9 cameras to work at the same time. You can control each camera seperately, put all cameras in one picture or set a certain camera to larger or full size.

The deplyoment is simple by connecting the VC800 and VCC22 cameras to a PoE switch only with ethernet cables. No need for other power supplies for the VCC22 or another video matrix.

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